Congratulations to Margaret Philbrick author of, “A Minor”!

HSU sends congratulations and support to Core 201 Lit/Writing teacher, Margaret Philbrick for the release of her novel,

A Minor: A Novel of Love, Music & Memory!

A Minor is the first book to have an embedded Original Soundtrack!

Clive Serkin, a teenage piano prodigy, seeks victory at the Tchaikovsky Piano Competition in Moscow, and enlists the help of world-renowned pianist Clare Cardiff. She becomes his mentor and teacher, and even though she is more than twice his age, Clive finds himself falling in love with her.

After Clare is diagnosed with early-onset dementia, Clare’s estranged husband Nero takes her away from Clive to pursue further medical testing. Clive is faced with the challenge of traveling to Moscow and performing at the competition without his beloved mentor. Ultimately, he must discover if the music they share is enough to keep them together.


              A Minor was voted Book of the Day by E-Reader News!

Book Of The Day – A Minor

by RON on MARCH 26, 2015

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