Tuition for most classes is roughly $275 per class hour plus textbooks, which are purchased on your own unless otherwise stated. (This tuition estimate includes facility fees.)

Facility fees are $60 per class hour, with a maximum family outlay of $400 per year. Facility fees cover facility rental, insurance coverage for our group and paying our front desk supervor(s).

Registration fee is $55 per student for the year ($110 maximum per family per year) until March 14th.

After March 14th the registration fee per student will increase to $90 per student for the year ($180 maximum per family per year).

All registration and core deposit fees are non-refundable.

Payment Plan Option

Facility fees can be broken into two installments. first installment due on September, second installment due in January.

Tuition can be broken into two, four or eight installments over the course of the school year. Parents are asked to write all installment checks at the parents meeting and post-date them for easy deposit.

Tuition is refundable during the first week of class on a limited basis. Once the second week of class has begun, 50% of tuition can be refunded. After the second week of class, we cannot issue refunds.


Overall Policies

  • Homework, when assigned, is mandatory.
  • Grades will be tracked by teachers in all core junior high and high school classes. Parents are the primary teachers and may use these grades accordingly.
  • Parents are responsible for their students education.
  • Families must abide by the Code of Conduct.
  • We cannot give refunds for those who may pull out mid-year and registration fees are non-refundable.

Parents Responsibility

  • Attending one of the Mandatory Parent Meeting.
  • Ensuring that assigned work is completed on time, following the syllabus in order to track what is going on in class, and communicating with your student and teachers. We cannot overemphasize this!
  • Fulfill service requirements.
  • Follow Parent Pledge.

Students Responsibility

  • Follow Student Code of Conduct.
  • 4th grade and up will be assigned mandatory set-up and take-down jobs.

Service Requirements

  • Parents will be required to serve 20 hours each year per enrolled student on campus, with a maximum of 50 hours per family.
  • Serve on 2 Committees and fulfill duties outlined. Please review committees and email us with your preferences.
  • New families must attend an interview. HSU Administration will contact you with date options and will not be scheduled until we have received all registration information.