About Us

Our Beginnings

HSU was founded by Sarah Wagner, who was soon aided by Cynthia Eenigenburg. Our program emerged nine years ago out of the desire to provide additional enrichment opportunities for our own home schooled children. As classes began to form, it was evident that other home schooling families shared in this desire. HSU has continued to expand each year. In addition to offering enrichment to home learning, HSU also provides solid academic support and direction for parents at all levels of their student's "core" subjects. Our desire is to provide the foundations of learning in a solid, Christian environment, from preschool all the way through high school.

Why "Homeschool University"?

The term "University" is very intentional. This approach is two-fold: First, in partnering with parents as they educate their children and secondly, in preparing our students for college. Our track is focused on "College Prep" throughout. The HSU model is designed to run as a University. Classes are offered in much the same way that they are offered in college. Students will track assignments in a very similar method. Class names are leveled accordingly. All Core classes provide a syllabus. The "University Approach" allows students a very seamless transition to college upon graduation.